Arrgghh – Injured!

IMG_1007 Injuries SUCK!! This is not the first time for me and won’t be the last. The frustrating thing with this injury is how long I’ve been dealing with it and how unpredictable it’s become. Back in late March we had a big snowstorm. I spent about 2.5 hours shovelling cars and everything out. After about an hour of shovelling I felt something give in my mid-back on the right side. It literally took my breath away. I needed to clear the snow to get to work so I pushed through the discomfort. Not smart!

I spent the rest of the week in agony. I couldn’t take a deep breath in, coughing or sneezing doubled me over and I certainly could not exercise or even sleep comfortably. In analyzing my symptoms I learned that I had a rib subluxation. For those that haven’t experienced this – it’s not fun. When Sara worked on it she could palpate where it was and the side/front area of my rib on my right side it felt like I was being stabbed. It was very intense. Once I backed off from everything I found that it would subside and slowly I could get back to my routine.

The issue, however, was I was not fully able to put in hard work particularly when swimming or running. As I attempted to put in the quality work to improve, I would dislodge the rib once again. The problem for me, at this point, is that I have 2 races coming up in the next 4 weeks. I rode the 96km Spin the Lakes ride this past Saturday and had a great ride. I did feel the rib and worried about straining it but if I remained seated while climbing I seemed to be okay. The problem with the Muskoka course is that there are sections where being seated and climbing just won’t work. Whenever I got out of the saddle I would feel some discomfort. I finished the ride and felt optimistic that I’d be okay. I woke up the Sunday and all seemed fine. Once home we were unpacking the car and I put it out once again – it felt like it did back in March.

Given that I’m supposed to do the Milton Tri this weekend and Mont Tremblant 70.3 on June 25th, I needed to make a decision. The Milton race was a easy decision as I was able to transfer my entry to another Subaru race. I transferred to the Niagara Tri as it should give me plenty of time to sort this out. The 70.3 race stings hard though. I’ve been looking forward to racing this course, I’ve spent a good deal of cash on the entry fee plus accommodation so that’s unfortunate. The accommodation is no big deal as Sara is racing so I’m definitely cool with that. The $400 loss will bug me. I am realistic at the end of the day though – there’s no way I can fake my way through that course. I’m only managing one swim a week and my run mileage is down. I don’t want to risk any more damage at this point.

My goal is to take the next 6 weeks and ease back in exercise and employ chiro, massage, etc to correct this. I will also strengthen my core to hopefully offset the chance this may reoccur (I’m currently on my 4th bout of this and each time it takes a week of limited activity to be pain free). Of course Sara thinks I need to cut back on beer. I almost left her over that one! Anyway, the season’s just starting so glass half full!


IMG_1044 Now on to more fun stuff. Sara and I did Josh Turner’s Unity Run. The run focuses on mental health for our first responders. It’s a great cause and we were happy to support Josh and those heroic individuals who keep us safe. The run was fun also because of it’s unique distances: 911m kid’s run, the 6.93k run (still don’t know what that code means) and the 10.4k run. The run took place at Confederation Park. Please check it out next year – great swag, food and fun!

IMG_1067This past weekend was Spin the Lakes. Sara and I did the 96k ride and it was a blast. Lots of clubmates and new friends and the weather was perfect. The ride focused on mental health as well. The CMHA for Muskoka-Parry Sound is also one of my accounts at work. My company produces medication and support programs for schizophrenia so I was doubly happy to support the ride.

IMG_1068 Of course the mandatory stop at Webers was executed.


Check out that fine crew! Here’s some of the TCoB crew at the first aid station. Lots of laughs, fast riding and a couple of beverages post ride. Heaven!

IMG_1070   Sara and I at the lake on our hotel property. And yes we did take this pic quickly as we were about to be carried away by the mosquitos. That’s all for now. Stay healthy my friends!



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