Sea to Sea and Chasing the Lion

No its not a new title to a Chronicles of Narnia book. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending a couple of very cool events, or as Trump would say “bigly cool.” The first event was a fundraising ride for club mate Andrew Ponsen. He is doing the Sea to Sea across Canada ride this summer. Over the summer Andrew and fellow riders will be covering an estimated 7000km over approximately 100 days to raise money and create awareness for poverty. Funds raised will go to support World Renew, Partners Worldwide, and local organizations focused on ending poverty. Please go to the Sea to Sea website and donate to a great cause. It will help empower disadvantaged people through job creation, community development, and economic sustainability around the world.

After the Sea to Sea ride we got cleaned up and made our way to Toronto for the Lionel Sanders documentary “Chasing the Lion.”The documentary centered around Lionel’s transformation from heavy drug user to professional triathlete. Before the event we got some food and beverages at the Hogtown Pub. Very dee-lish and good craft brew. Below is the TCoB gang all pumped. Sara looks a little excited to see her triathlete man crush!

Yum – craft beers. We likey!

IMG_0477                   The movie was at the Royal Cinema – an old movie theatre. A few of Lionel’s sponsors were there with giveaways and, of course, Lionel himself. The event began with the documentary which, although not too long due to budget constraints, was very moving and inspirational. It was followed by a Q and A with Lionel and the filmmakers. A couple of things that strike me when it comes to Lionel:

  1. He is incredibly transparent. He gives an honest opinion on any topic and is open to share anything about his training and racing
  2. He is very self aware. He fully realizes and stated that he has traded a negative addiction for a positive one. Very true but also vital to his success – he has an ability to train day in and day out very hard. Most of the time it is indoors which shows how mentally tough he is.
  3. He will talk ALL DAY about triathlon! He is obsessed with the sport and loves every aspect. I spoke with his fiancé/manager Erin and she confirmed his passion for the sport. It’s very cool that they have been able to see the world together through triathlon. She works very hard behind the scenes so that he can do his thing.IMG_0479

Above is the gang with Lionel at the post event party at the Monarch Tavern. As of this writing he is 2 for 2 at 70.3 with winds in Chile and Argentina – not a bad start to the year!


Inspired by yesterday’s events, Sara and I dragged our tired butts out the door for a Rail Trail run. Can’t wait for warm weather ahead….Cheers!





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