Race #1 of 2017

IMG_0330  The weather this winter had me concerned as it was pretty cold initially but that eventually tailed off and we’ve had our fair share of nice weather. As part of our “Race to Get In Shape” program of 2017, Sara and I signed up for the 10k at the Subaru Grimsby Race on February 19th.

A nice surprise at the race was an appearance of the poster child for the Man Cold Foundation – none other than Gavin Turner! He and Dad Josh did the 3k race. Let’s just say that Gavin is a racing machine of the future!


IMG_0429 As for the results? Well, while it was a smaller race, we did great. Not having done much tempo work, we went into this race with the mindset that it would set the benchmark on which we would build. Grimsby was a fun race for me last year as I missed the start by 4 minutes! This year would be no different in terms of a personal screwup but I will get to that in a minute. The pic above is my Sara getting her award for Top Overall Female Masters or First Placed Cougar. Either way it was awesome! Sara averaged 4:51 per/km for a time of 48:26, a welcomed result given our lack of training.

As for me? Short version – I went off course! I was in a group of 4 that were about 25m ahead. I was focused on staying with the group for pacing and they made a turn to head out with the half marathon participants and I followed. I realized about 600m later that I screwed up so I turned back and got back on course. I continued to push to the line and my result ended up averaging 4:42 per/km over 11.2k – an extra 1.2 km of fun for the entry fee! I still ended up 2nd in my age group which shows how small the race was – haha.


The bonus? Without a doubt it was the weather. The 10K weather was great but the next day was even better so Sara and I took advantage to get a little road time in. This sort of of winter reprieve is such a tease – I cannot wait for spring!!




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